Efficient And Cost-Effective Builders And Construction Cleaning Services In Melbourne

Pre and post-building cleaning services can be performed only by expert professional cleaners. Construction cleaning requires experienced personnel to perform activities, be it residential, commercial, and industrial. DMD Cleaning provides expert pre and post-construction cleaning services by employing professionals before and after construction cleaning personnel to work with builders, developers, architects, building owners, and site managers with cost-competitive cleaning services.

Benefits Of An Expert Construction Cleaning Services

At DMD Cleaning, our expert team of builders and construction cleaning services and solutions include the following:

  • Pre-building cleans – We at DMD Cleaning ensure that all standards are met before the building work gets started. Every type of debris is removed and got rid of on the landscape.
  • Maintenance Cleaning – DMD Group ensures effective and frequently scheduled checks during the services. We get rid of all the dirt and grime to make sure that your landscape is fit for work.
  • Post Builder and Construction Cleaning – A final cleaning is quintessential to make your landscape look worthy to start off with. We at DMD ensure that your project is left in perfect and pristine condition, fully-fit to be handed over to the clientele.

The Benefits we offer to our clients in performing before and after building and construction services include the following:

  • Protection of surfaces – New projects are fragile and require to be worked on gently with ultimate care and safety. We at DMD make sure that our cleaning solutions ensure surface protection to all surfaces such as windows, floors, and every other surface you require to safeguard as an easy way to avoid cost overheads or damages.
  • Ensuring Compliance – We provide equipment manual in addition to ensuring personal protection. Additionally, at DMD, we make sure to deliver Health and Safety (OH&S), Fully -liable insurance, WorkCover insurance to develop a Health and Safety Management system, Fire Prevention and Control, Risk Assessment and Method Statement, (RAMs) Hazardous Substances, (COSHH)Working at Height, and do on.
  • Safe and skilled labor – Since construction cleaning is a tailor-made task, we adapt to meet your requirements. We make sure to keep your landscape in good shape as it is our professional morale in performing the same. Hire our cleaning staff throughout your building construction and you will experience a professional and a clean site.
  • High-Quality services – We at DMD Group offer you building and construction cleaning services that suit your needs at the most affordable prices, with no last-minute surprises.

Whether it is a renovation project or a new build, we at DMD Group ensure that your entire property and landscape are well-cleaned and the debris disposed of securely. The construction process can cause respirable crystalline silica, which can spell danger when inhaled. We make sure this chemical is removed and your landscape is well-cleaned off all the debris. We are happy to take care of all your construction requirements. Drop us a call on 0449 721 600 to avail of our services or mail us at info@dmdgrp.com.au to get your free quote!

Affordable Cleaning Company Near You

At DMD Cleaning, we strive to make your premises look tidy and brand new with our exquisite cleaning services. So, if you are on the lookout for the finest and most affordable cleaning company near you, drop us a call at 0449 721 600 and we are at your doorstep. You can also mail us at info@dmdgrp.com.au to get your free quote. Grab yours today!

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Why Choose DMD Cleaning In Melbourne?

At DMD Cleaning, our professional cleaners are well-equipped with quality cleaning

services that range across the following broad sectors:

Commercial Cleaning

Our team of professional commercial cleaners strives to complete the cleaning services at your facility with the most reduced down times and in the most cost-effective manner possible. Our professional commercial cleaners veil all essential commercial cleaning services that masquerade cleaning solutions for all commercial facilities, be it for industrial facilities, company complexes, repaired offices, business centers, and company head workplace centers, and so on. So if you are a property owner or a business manager of your building or premises, DMD is your best choice to clap your eyes on in terms of affordability, speed in services, improved quality, and customer experience factors.


At DMD Cleaning, we provide extensive preventative and reactive maintenance solutions across the suburb of Melbourne. We facilitate the delivery of highly-skilled cleaning experts who are well-qualified and well-experienced contractors with proper licenses and registrations to make sure that they meet all levels of compliance and workmanship standards. Our maintenance services include  floor maintenance, carpet cleaning, graffiti management and maintenance, and other preventative and reactive maintenance solutions across the suburbs of Melbourne.

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Healthcare Cleaning

At DMD, specialist and comprehensive healthcare cleaning services are performed by highly efficient and specialised cleaner personnel who are trained with high-quality standards and equipment deliver expert cleaning services for operation theatres, surgery rooms, intensive care, units, special care suites, recovery suites, post-operation wards, administration centers, as well as staff rooms to cowl cleaning solutions that include infection control, prevention cleaning, and sterile environment cleaning as the key cleaning solutions and services, and we ensure the finest cleaning ministrations and services across all healthcare facilities across Melbourne.

Rapid Response

At DMD Cleaning, we offer 24/7 emergency response for flood and fire restoration services, be it for offices, retail outlets, commercial buildings, multi-spaces, educational, government, or even aged-care institutions. We work closely with local disaster authorities, police force, and other major state emergency services to ensure public safety. Our services include 24/7 emergency flood restoration, carpet cleaning, demolition works, debris removal, fires, and smoke damage restoration, structural drying, and other crucial rapid response services across Melbourne.

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